Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Holmium Laser Treatment

Q. How does holmium laser treatment work?
A. A small flexible fiber delivers laser energy to the prostate. The physician controls the direction and delivery of the laser energy, rapidly vaporizing the obstructing tissue. Once the tissue has been vaporized, urine flow is immediately restored.

Q. How long will the surgery last?
A. The procedure may be completed in an hour or less. The surgical time depends upon the size of your prostate, the amount of prostate removed, the surgical technique and the power of the laser used by your doctor.

Q. How soon can I go home?
A. You may go home after a few hours or an overnight stay. You will almost always go home in less than 24 hours

Q. What sexual side effects can I expect after the holmium laser ablation treatment?
A. There are no commonly expected sexual side effects from a holmium ablation treatment. While uncommon, impotence and incontinence can occur after TURP, but they have not been reported after holmium ablation. Some men may experience retrograde ejaculation. Discuss any sexual side effect concerns with your urologist.

Q Does Medicare cover the holmium laser ablation treatment?
A. Yes, holmium laser ablation of the prostate is covered by Medicare.

Q. What is the durability of the procedure?
A. The procedure has been shown to be durable for at least seven years.

Q Can BPH be cured?
A. No, there is no cure for BPH. However, treatments are available that can offer you relief from the symptoms of BPH.

Q. What if I choose to avoid treatment?
A. In most cases, treatment is designed to offer relief from the symptoms of BPH. If your symptoms are tolerable, not treating them is certainly a reasonable course of action. However, if you experience complete urinary blockage or you notice blood in your urine or semen, these may be signs of a more serious condition, and you should contact your doctor immediately.

Q. Who is a good candidate that is right for holmium laser treatment?
A. Please talk with your urologist regarding the treatment option that's right for you.

Q. How can I get more information about holmium laser treatment?
A. Talk to your urologist and visit the Lumenis web site at